Ursa Beach, Portugal.

A bit about me

A photographer for almost 30 years.

I absolutely love my work and have been very fortunate to travel extensively working with some inspirational people. 

I am at my happiest when out in the field with camera in hand.

I have run photography workshops in Iceland for 10 years and have fallen in love with the country and it's people. It feels a real home from home.

I was fortunate to work as a guest presenter and guide for Photo Number 6 for the Iceland episode and recently have made another programme in Iceland giving people my insights on the country, the photography and how I conduct my tours there. The programme is called "Through Mark's Lens: A Photographer's Guide To Iceland"

I also run photography workshops in France, Portugal and of course the UK.

My previous clients include Apple, Microsoft, BBC, Hyundai, ING Bank and many more.

Official UK Distributor For NiSi & Fotopro.

Both these products are ones I have used extensively for a long time and firmly believe them to represent the best on the market in their field.