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Brian Wigglesworth

Brian is a photographer from Doncaster, South Yorkshire who specialises in black and white, long exposure sea and cityscapes.

Having always had a love for the British countryside Brian has travelled all over the U.K, from photographing the magnificent sea eagles on Mull, to the grey seal colony at Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast. However the last five years has seen Brian change tack from wildlife to sea/cityscapes with a passion for black and white long exposure photography.

Over the past couple of years Brian as been travelling to Venice, Italy and has been fortunate enough to capture this beautiful city shrouded in fog.

More of Brian's work can be seen on his website...

Brian Wigglesworth Photography

mug shot - Copy.jpg
Fading Dreams,mark,nisi - Copy.jpg
Looking to the Future,mark nisi - Copy.j
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