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Pete Rowbottom

The Landscape of the Scottish Highlands captured my imagination on my very first visit in the 1980’s where I'd also seen these grand panoramic landscape images for sale that just blew me away, quite simply, I wanted to be able to do that too and this set me off on my photography journey..

A good few years of patience, learning, (and a good few cameras) down the line I've been lucky enough to have my work published in magazines and books including full features, and also selling my work to private and commercial outlets (something I never envisaged doing), for a photographer getting recognition of your work is always fantastic, especially when you put so much into it, this went one huge step further for me when I was made up to be shortlisted for the Landscape Photographer of the year award in 2018, great news! but then finding out in October that not only had my image made the yearbook, I had actually won the entire competition, pretty mind blowing, and with an image of the area that had captivated me so much from all those years ago..

I feel really privileged to have seen & shot some fantastic places in our world, the 'must visit' list seems to be getting ever longer instead of shorter, put simply, photography for me is an absolute passion, if it wasn't I wouldn't do it, it's that simple, if I'm not doing it, you can guarantee I'm thinking about it, or doing something connected to it. Photography teaches you to look at the world in a different way and it also allows you to show the world how you see it, through the lens. 

More of Pete's work can be viewed on his website here...

Pete Rowbottom


Pete proudly stands by his winning image for 

LPOTY 2018

Isthmus bay sunset Lakes Polariser 6 sto
Loch Rusky Scotland 3 stop nd 3 stop sof
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