The NiSi M75 75mm Filter Holder Kit allows for the convenient use of up to two 75mm wide, 2mm thick filters along with an included Pro CPL.
Highlights - Filter holder for filters 75mm. The NiSi M75 will also be able to accomodate other brand 2mm thick 75mm filters.

Slots for 2 rectangular filters & Includes CPL/Landscape or NC CPL.

Circular polariser rotates independently. Rotates 360 degrees. Aluminum alloy construction.

Filter holder pouch is included.

Additional adapter rings: 40.5-67mm,43-67mm,46-67mm, 49-67mm,52-67mm,55-67mm,58-67mm,62-67mm

NiSi M75, 75mm Filter Holder System With Pro CPL