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Extensively Tested By Us In Some OF The Harshest Environments On Earth To Ensure You Get The Quality You Deserve

Built For Pro's - Used By All

Fotopro T-74C II

Model T-74C II 

Material Carbon Fibre

4 Sections

Max Height 1525mm

Folded 530mm

Diameter 32mm

Weight 1.78kg

Max Load 25kg

Fotopro T-74C II

Strength and Lightness combined

The T-74C II is an excellent choice for the outdoor adventurer who needs a tripod tough enough to go anywhere. The T-74’s cutting edge carbon fiber design offers maximum strength, lightness and durability to protect your gear while you’re braving the wild to get that perfect shot.

Fotopro ambassador & UK distributor Mark Andreas Jones has been using the previous model (T-64C) for nearly 2 years while conducting his workshops, filming and travels in Iceland, Death Valley, North Finland and many other countries. Mark writes...

"I have been using other premium brand tripods for over 2 decades and all have failed me on many occasions. Iceland in particular is very harsh on tripods. On a typical trip my tripod will be in the sea, fine sand, mud, ice, rocks and so many other places that are going to take a toll on your gear but i was immediately impressed with my Fotopro T64-C when I discovered the patented leg mechanisms did not let any water or sand inside at all. The T64-C is lighter than my other tripods, stronger and withstands anything I ask of it. Finally I have the tripod I've always wanted. 

When I run my tours in Iceland I always take a few with me so my clients can borrow them. All are immediately impressed. 

I have been so impressed with the Fotopro products and the Fotopro team that I have invested a lot of my own money to become the UK distributor. You will only ever find products that I have extensively tested and truly beleive in for sale on my website"

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