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Extensively Tested By Us In Some OF The Harshest Environments On Earth To Ensure You Get The Quality You Deserve

Built For Pro's - Used By All


T-Series Professional Tripod Range

TL-85C (5).jpg
TL-85C 30kg load capacity
Carbon Fiber Tripod
T-64CL Pro
T-74C II
T-64CL Pro (2).jpg
T-74 C (10).jpg
T-64CL Pro 20kg+ Load Capacity Carbon Fiber Tripod
T-74C II 25kg Load Capacity
Carbon Fiber Tripod
The T-Series professional tripod range is made from the highest grade 1K carbon fibre
This makes them up to 20% stronger and incredibly 20% lighter than other carbon fibre tripods

The T-Series is the perfect choice for the outdoor adventurer who needs a tripod tough enough to go anywhere. 

The T- Series cutting edge carbon fiber design offers maximum strength and durability to protect your gear while you’re braving the wild to get that perfect shot.   


The legs are crafted from 1K carbon fiber  manufactured in Japan , yielding a high strength to low weight ratio. 

Fotopro's aluminium magnesium alloy canopy is specially forged creating a dense molecular structure.
As a pioneer in colourful tripods  Fotopro uses an anodic oxidation colour process to specially treat their alloy surface. 
The combination of technologies translates into high stability and strength for the Fotopro T-series tripods.

T pantour series 2 banner.jpg
T pantour series 2.jpg

February 2019

​Fotopro UK ambassador Mark Andreas Jones made his second film in Iceland. The programme is called "Through Mark's Lens" 

​Mark has been running his highly successful tours in Iceland for 10 years.

In the programme Mark shows us how he gets the very best for his guests and has maintained a 100% record finding the Northern Lights for his guests.

​It is sure to be a great watch. Mark tells us it will guide you every step of the way in Iceland even from car hire, where to eat, hotels he uses and of course how he photographs Iceland showing the equipment he uses including his Fotopro Tripods.

The Trailer Is available For You Below


#Gear Up For Adventure

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