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Oliver Andreas Jones

           Aged 12

My son Oliver has been a keen photographer since he asked for a camera at the age of 3 years old. My wife and I bought him a little drop proof kids camera and he would follow me around taking photos.

Later Oliver was using his mum's point and shoot camera and at the age of 5, Oliver asked if he could join me on a landscape shoot. I was thrilled at the prospect of having my son join me. It was just at the right time for the lavender season. I explained to Oliver that it would mean getting up very early and a 1 1/2 hour drive each way.

The next weekend I woke Oliver at 2am for our early start to the lavender field. To my surprise Oliver jumped out of bed with great enthusiasm. While we were there I just let Oliver do his own thing. I looked at his photos when we returned home and was amazed at how good his composition was.

Oliver soon asked for a DSLR. It was quite a leap from the point and shoot camera but Oliver's enthusiasm and natural talent was too much to say no. We bought him a second hand Nikon D3100 with a kit lens. The photos he took with this were quite remarkable for a 5 year old boy.

When Oliver was 6 his photos were published in The Mail. Ricoh Imaging UK (Pentax) saw Oliver's photos and telephoned us to ask if Oliver would like to be an ambassador for them. One of the proudest days of my life. 2 days later Oliver received a Pentax K-50 with kit lens.

With his new camera Oliver was even more enthusiastic about getting out and taking photos. Always asking me if we could go out for a sunrise shoot.

Sitting in a beautiful location waiting for the sunrise, sat with my son and having a good natter are priceless memories that will stay with me forever.

After a year with the Pentax K-50, a trip to Lapland and Iceland, Ricoh Imaging were so pleased with Oliver's photos and his hard work, they sent him their then flagship DSLR, the K-3 and 2 new lenses. Oliver carried on working hard and never complaining about having to be up at ridiculous times in the morning to produce more amazing photos.



At the age of 8 Oliver became an ambassador for NiSi filters and began to use my Nikon D800E for his landscape photos. All of Oliver's journey through photos can be seen below.

I am a very proud dad.


Oliver and I in Provence, France. Summer 2019. Our second trip there together. We had a great time exploring Provence and finding some great locations together.


Oliver aged 12 at St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, England. 
Oliver's commitment to his photography is such great inspiration to me. I couldn't wish for a better shooting buddy than my own son. The laughs and jokes we share when we're on location is just the most wonderful thing. I am so proud of this young man.

Oliver's dedication, hard work and tenacity has not gone unnoticed. Oliver has worked with and represented some very big companies in the photography industry and every step of the way he earned that by his own merits. 

Oliver with his friend Tony at NiSi

Oliver with his friends at Fotopro


Oliver Andreas Jones' Gallery

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