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Extensively Tested By Us In Some OF The Harshest Environments On Earth To Ensure You Get

The Quality You Deserve

Built For Pro's - Used By All

Warranty and right of withdrawal

Fotopro products are covered by a legal guarantee of conformity for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase in accordance with the Consumer Code and protects the consumer in the event of purchase of defective products. The legal guarantee of conformity follows the terms and conditions of the Consumer Code and, non-exclusively, also the following conditions:

  1. The Fotopro warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of purchase and during the first 24 months.

  2. The warranty can only be applied upon presentation of proof of purchase, for online purchases must present the order number received at the time of confirmation of the order itself.

  3. During the warranty period and upon presentation of proof of purchase, you will have the right to have any manufacturing defect repaired or replaced free of charge.
    The warranty is in any case provided by the seller by law, in case you purchased from channels other than the official eCommerce Photoshop (, please contact directly such store / seller.

  4. In the case of purchases with the issue of an invoice with a VAT number, the legal guarantee of conformity has a duration of 12 months.


The Fotopro warranty cannot cover: normal wear and tear, deterioration or damage caused by water or fire, damage due to inexperience, misuse, loss or theft.

Please contact us at info@fotopro to proceed with any activation of the Warranty service, you may be required to ship the product to assess the damage.

Refund policy – Right of withdrawal

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase and as required by law (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005), within the first 14 days of delivery of products purchased through eCommerce portal you can return the material and get a full refund including any shipping costs incurred. Important information:

  1. The 14 calendar days must be counted from the day of receipt of the goods, the date of delivery on the tracking of the package will be authentic.

  2. The right of withdrawal does not apply to purchases with VAT number requested.

  3. The return request must be sent to together with the purchase receipt to obtain the return address.

  4. Upon arrival of the goods and following the inspection, will be made a refund of the order using the same details used for payment.

  5. The right of withdrawal will not be accepted for products that at the inspection will be damaged by inexperience, wear, impact, misuse or tampering.

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