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Mark Andreas Jones
Photographer & Photography Tour Guide
Mark Andreas Jones

Mark Andreas Jones is probably best known for his highly successful Iceland Photography Tours that he has now been running for well over a decade and in that time has run over 70 tours. Iceland is a second home for Mark who through the years has made many life long friends there. The fact that Mark has been so widely and warmly welcomed and respected in Iceland is a testament to his skills as a winter guide, his warm, friendly personality and his ever-present humour.

His family originates from and he has travelled extensively throughout Scandinavia but Iceland has been Mark's favourite ever since he fell in love with it and it's people in 2009. The fact that Mark loves to be in Iceland so much and feels so at home is certainly one of the reasons he is so well known for his extremely flexible, productive and fun tours. He has received nothing but 5 star reviews. You will be made to feel very welcome joining one of his small groups on a winter tour in Iceland or if Iceland isn't on your list Mark also runs tours and workshops in Portugal, France and of course the UK

He has worked professionally as a photographer for almost 30 years. His clients have included ING Bank, Oprah Winfrey, BBC, Microsoft, Apple, Hyundai and many more. Mark is a very humble man who I would go as far as saying feels uncomfortable with praise and attention and often gives his time freely to help newcomers progress with their photography. For some years Mark also taught photography to disabled children as a volunteer.More recently Mark was a guest presenter and guide for the Iceland episode of TV series Photo Number 6.  Mark has also recently made the first programme in a series with an Australian TV company where he shows people the tips and tricks he has learned over the years for photographing each country to help people get the best from their travels. A trailer to Mark's first programme in the series of... "Through Mark's Lens" A photographer's guide to... can be seen below.

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