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 Iceland tours for photographers of all abilities. Whether you are a novice requiring full tuition or an experienced photographer wanting the local knowledge, these tours are for you.
I have run over 70 highly successful tours in Iceland
Unless specifically asked by a group, tours are limited to a maximum of 4 people.
I believe small groups are essential for the best experience giving you more space and time at each location.

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What To Expect

I will be there to meet you at arrivals in Keflavik airport and drop you back at the departure terminal for your flight home, so you don't have to worry about getting to and from the hotel or waiting around in the airport.
I use a new large 4x4 with full winter tyres and spikes.
The tours are designed to make sure you get the best experience and photos possible whilst in Iceland. We follow the weather as best we can for the best light and those clear skies at night for the Northern Lights. You will always have the chance to photograph the Northern Lights but if you fancy sitting the night out that is no problem for you to have an early night whilst those who wish can be out shooting.
As passionate as I am for getting you the shots, the group remains light-hearted and good-humoured.
You will have your own double hotel room with ensuite and breakfast included.
*And you can rest assured that your tour will not just be carbon neutral but CARBON NEGATIVE*

Iceland Photography Tours. Iceland guide. Photography workshop in Iceland. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛

Ice Cave Tours

Ice cave tours are an extra option for those wishing to go.
I have been using the same local ice guide company for over 9 years. My groups get preferential treatment with arranging an early start, so we get to the cave in time for sunrise getting the best light and avoiding the busier daytime tours. Both Oskar and Bjarni are extremely knowledgeable and certified ice guides. They're pretty good models for a sense of scale in your photos too!
I will be there to help with your settings and some hints with your composition.

Iceland photography tours. mark andreas jones. ice cave. glacier. photo tour in iceland. sunrise. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛

Northern Lights

As of 2023 I still have 100% success in finding the Northern Lights for my guests. I fully realise how important it is for you to see them. The wonder and emotion felt when viewing the lights is incredible. To watch them dance across the sky is the most magical of experiences. I will of course help you with settings and composition. 
Going out to shoot the Northern Lights is not compulsory. I can drop those wishing an early night back at the hotel and take those wanting to photograph out for the Lights.

Where Will We Be Going?
We will be mostly traveling between the Snaefellsnes Peninsular on the west coast and Vestrahorn/Eystrahorn in the southeast. Between these 2 points there are some of the most amazing locations in the world. All the iconic locations of course but there are quite a few hidden gems along the way. If the weather dictates, we may even go up to the northeast in the region of Godafoss.
Tour Dates & Price
January 9th - 17th 2024
January 18th - 26th 2024
January 27th - February 4th 2024
Godafoss under the northern lights. Aurora Borealis. Iceland photo tours. Waterfall. Iceland guide. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛
Diamond Beach sunrise Iceland Photography Tours. Mark Andreas Jones photo tours in iceland. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛
northern lights jokulsarlon. aurora borealis. Iceland Photography Tours. Mark Andreas Jones photo tours in iceland. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛
jokulsarlon icebergs. Iceland Photography Tours. Mark Andreas Jones photo tours in iceland. Guide to Iceland. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛
February 5th - 12th 2024

If there is not a date that suits you, please contact me. More tour dates can be added.

Winter 2025 Tour Dates
January 9th - 17th 2025
Diamond Beach
January 18th - 26th 2025
January 29th - February 5th 2025
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The price for 8 nights is £2,750pp.

A £500 deposit is required to secure your place with the balance of £2,250 to be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to departure.

You are responsible for your flights and to be at the airport in time.

Expected spending money for a week in Iceland is £300.

Specialists In Bespoke Tours

For group bookings or private tours please contact me.

Iceberg Ice Cave. Iceland photography tours. 冰洞  指南冰岛  冰岛摄影之旅  北极光  冰岛
Carbon negative iceland tour
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