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Below are just some of the reviews I have received from my tours.

Iceland Photography Tours
Veronica Watson

I had long wanted to visit Iceland, most especially during the winter, as I had heard so much about it and wanted to see it for myself. For photographers, the country was deemed to be a 'must-do', so having perused a number of websites, and discovering that Mark's stood out a mile, I booked a trip with him for February 2019.


As I write, I have just returned home after a week that almost defies description. The country is heart-stoppingly beautiful...........everywhere. To me it is other-worldly and almost unreal, and the opportunities for photography are endless.


But my gratitude and appreciation for the superlative experience I had came down simply to Mark. His long association with Iceland has given him a true understanding and knowledge of the place. He knows where to go, and when, he constantly checks weather conditions in order to determine the best locations for photography, and so the itinerary is always flexible. His main concern is always for the people he has taken on the trip with him.....that they get to see as much as possible, and in the best conditions....and he is more than happy to take you back somewhere several times over. Nothing is too much for him. He has a multitude of friends he has made over the years, and it was a pleasure to be able to meet some of them during the trip. As a person, Mark is friendly, easy-going and full of fun. He knows how to put people at their ease. We all had so many laughs on the trip, and that helped to make a really great week.


Iceland's weather can be unpredictable, and can change very rapidly. Being wintertime, conditions were pretty extreme.......snowbound, icy roads, heavy snowfall and extremely powerful winds........often cross-winds over the roads, sweeping down from the mountains, laden with snow, which would hit out of the blue like a dense snowstorm. I experienced all of them, but not once did I feel unsafe under Mark's good care and guidance. His driving on treacherous roads was excellent.


I would unreservedly recommend anyone who has the remotest interest in Iceland and in photography to book a place with Mark on one of his trips. You won't be disappointed!


Thanks a million, Mark, for a trip I will never forget.

Sashi Rajamahendran
Wow, where to start? I travelled quite a distance to get to Iceland with the hopes of an Aurora view and was gutted to see the weather was against me with cloud cover all over the island. I just cannot credit Mark enough for his commitment to getting me the shot! Whether it be 21 hour days or waking up in the middle of the night and driving me 2 hours to the only break in the cloud. He was fantastic and never once turned away an opportunity for a shot because of a long drive or sleepless night!!
I can say for sure if it wasn't for his attitude or commitment, the weather being what it was, I for sure would not have got my much coveted aurora shot.
Not only is he a knowledgeable tutor, always available for advise, but also a fantastic tour guide of Iceland, with years of experience and contacts in all the right places!
I cannot recommend him enough!!
Phil Norton
I did a tour with Mark in March 2016, and as others have said he was completely selfless, he knows Iceland like the back of his hand and knows so many people. This kind of knowledge is so valuable. Groups are always small so you get to know each other. He plans the locations and follows the weather, making decisions as and when needed; if there's a better chance of clear skies and Aurora in a different location it was never too much trouble to change and get there, even if it meant a long drive. There's no sitting around in hotel rooms just because it's cloudy or snowing, if you want to get out he will get you there. He is also a superb photographer so he knows the light and knows what you want, so he will guide you to the best places for the best light and do whatever he can to get you the shot. We had days of chasing the Aurora, catching it at Godafoss thanks to Andreas being prepared to drive from the South to the North. Other tours have a fixed itinerary and pre-booked accommodation, usually just Golden Circle, so if you get there and the weather has other plans, you're out of luck. Not with Andreas, this is a photography tour to get those shots. Being such a good photographer himself means he knows the angles and best view points, so if you're experience he will get you there and let you get the shots you want, taking as long as you need. If you're less experienced he has the knowledge to help you. I don't think you can do better than book with Andreas for this iconic location
Florian Warnecke
We spent an amazing week, with our great guide Mark Andreas Jones all over Iceland. The plan to follow the weather worked out brilliantly! It almost feels like Mark is Icelandic to the core, he lives and breathes Iceland on his trips, he knows the island by heart and gives You the absolute best chances on unforgettable images. Thanks a lot Mate, for this great experience!!! See you on the next great trip!!!
Janice Elliott
I can't recommend Iceland Photography Tours enough. I went over last winter to join the leader and founder Mark Andreas Jones, and instantly found that Iceland can be very beautiful but extreme. Mark simply goes out of his way to guide you to the best locations even in the most challenging of conditions. His experience of the Icelandic landscape is second to none and I would not hesitate going back to Iceland with Mark in the future
Seán Kerr
Not all Iceland Photography tours are equal! As well as being an exceptional photographer in his own right, Mark is VERY experienced in Iceland and approaches the tour with the objective of maximising the experience and photographic opportunities, regardless of how much time and effort that involves for him. As well as being extremely knowledgeable about the country's best places to shoot, he is very much on top of the weather and Aurora forecasts so plans "live" (but involves all guests in decisions on what / where to shoot. Lastly but, I'd say most importantly, Mark has a very responsible approach to safety. Iceland needs to be respected, particularly the coastal and mountain areas in winter. As well as ensuring that all party members get the appropriate safety advice, he won't scrimp on the vehicle - he hires high quality 4x4s with proper winter tyres and he is an excellent winter driver. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mark's tours.
Jackie Campbel
Mark is an absolutely great guide who goes above and beyond to get you in the best place for the weather conditions. His knowledge of the country is second to none and he thinks nothing of driving for hours to give you the best photo opportunities. If you are thinking of booking any trip to Iceland, I can't speak highly enough of Mark's dedication .....simply put....look no further. Mark is the guide that you want and also the person that you want behind the wheel of the car in challenging road conditions. Thanks so much for a fun filled trip.
Colin Abel

From the moment we met up in the baggage reclaim, we were on tour... Officially not due to start until the next day but after leaving our bags at our hotel and having some dinner, the light looked so good we were straight out on a sunset shoot.

Mark’s knowledge of Iceland, its best locations and when to shoot them, seems to know no bounds. The Aurora put in an appearance 7 times. We were definitely spoiled with accommodation and locations, nothing was too much trouble, with Mark suggesting different locations if he felt conditions were not quite right, we absolutely chased the light. I don’t know how many miles Mark drove during our tour, (he fuelled up most days so I'm guessing a lot!!) no matter how tired, his driving skills are exceptional and never for one moment did we feel unsafe.

If you are considering Iceland, better book quick with Mark, his spaces are limited, he is, without doubt, the go-to guy for Iceland.

Just a big thanks to you Mark Andreas Jones for your professionalism, dedication and company on our tour.

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