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After 14 years of running winter photography tours in Iceland have I finally found the gloves I've been searching for?
Spoiler... Yes I have.
In the last 14 years I have bought at least 10 pairs of gloves of various types from different manufacturers. Some have been OK and others have been very poor.  Fortunately, Vallerret sent me a pair of Markhof Pro V3's before I began this winter's tours in Iceland. 
My initial thoughts were very positive. You can instantly feel the quality and the fliptech finger caps on both gloves allow you to operate the camera and set up as normal without sacrificing warmth when not being used. They are very comfortable to wear and with the size guide on Vallerret's website mine fitted like a "glove" The anti-slip grip works as it should without snagging unnecessarily.
All I needed now was some cold weather to test them.
Vallerret Reykanes
The day I arrived I remember thinking "Careful what you wish for".  It was minus 19c or minus 2.2f. The coldest I have ever known Iceland. Usually, the average temperatures for January are between minus 4c to plus 4c. 
A short drive from the airport to Valahnúkamöl  and I was greeted with a true winter scene where the sea spray had frozen on the sea stacks. A thumbs up for the Markhof Pro V3's which were doing they're job and keeping my hands warm. 
I was in Iceland for 3 weeks experiencing temperatures from as low as minus 19 to plus 7 degrees. Not once did my hands feel cold.

Other than being sent the gloves by Valleret, I have no affiliation to them whatsoever. If I felt the gloves were not good enough, I would say so. I am only writing this because after searching for so long,
I have at last found the best photography gloves for winter in Iceland. 

For each winter's tours I send out a kit list. My recommendation for Vallerret gloves will now be included with the kit list.

More details and many more Vallerret gloves can be found by clicking the Vallerret logo below.
Vallerret Londrangar
Vallerret Vestrahorn
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