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Atoll Camera Collar

By Silence Corner
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I am often sent new products to try. In the last 4 years only 2 have made it onto my website for recommendation.
The only products you see on my website are ones that I use regularly. 
I was recently sent an Atoll camera collar by Silence Corner. I must say I was very intrigued to see if this was a bit of a gimmick. I wondered if it would really be any easier and faster when changing from landscape to portrait, as sturdy as my L bracket and would I have to remove it when I wanted to change lenses? 
Other than being sent the Atoll Camera Collar, I am not affiliated with the manufacturer whatsoever.
This is not a paid promotion.
The Atoll Camera Collar is now permanently fixed on my camera. 
It is much easier and faster to change from landscape to portrait (and vice versa). Gone are the days when I'm faffing about changing from landscape to portrait in the dark shooting the Northern Lights. A simple twist of the locking screw, a 90 degree turn until I feel a reassuring light click letting me know it's exactly where it needs to be, then a simple twist of the locking screw and I'm good to go (you can also invert your centre column for those ultra low shots with your camera the correct way up). The cost of the Atoll Camera Collar is not much more than my L bracket making this very good value for the money too.
My L bracket is made specifically for the camera I use but even so it is still a bit fiddly accessing the side ports and changing a battery. This problem is now completely eliminated, my battery cover and side ports are totally accessible. 
Probably my biggest concern was would I have to keep removing it when I wanted to change my lens but happily this is not necessary as the aperture in the camera collar allows easy access for changing a lens. 

This is a very well thought out and put together product. Excellent build quality, easy and faster to use, complete access to ports and battery. At least as sturdy as my L bracket.
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